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Acne is a very common skin condition. At its core it is an interplay between 4 different features (of varying severity & location).

  • Whiteheads & blackheads – known as closed and open comedones
  • greasy skin – known as seborrhoea
  • bacteria – Cutibacterium acnes
  • inflammation spots and pus-filled spots (pustules).

Acne often affects the face but it can also commonly affect other areas of the body such as the back, chest and shoulders.

Acne severity can range from being mild to severe, with the potential for scarring , either hyperpigmented (dark marks) or deeper pitted scars to occur at any stage. Acne and acne scarring can have a significant impact on a persons self esteem and confidence in their appearance.

Here at The Blackwell Clinic we offer a range of medical & cosmetic treatments that can improve acne and acne scarring. These include prescriptions for topical and oral medications, along side cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels and microneedling.

Take a look below at the treatments to consider section and click on the different options to learn more about the range of treatments available at The Blackwell Clinic.

At The Blackwell Clinic our team of Doctors are at hand to create a bespoke treatment plans to meet your skin needs. During our consultations we explore your skin concerns and discuss our range of cosmetic treatments & skincare products to help create the right plan for you.

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Treatments to consider

Treatments to be considered for Acne, Acne scarring & Rosacea. Click on the names to be redirected to treatment page

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