The Blemiderm® Professional Method – Specialist Peel

The Blemiderm® professional method includes a medical protocol, with 3 clinic visits, together with an at-home continuation treatment. This comprehensive approach ensures maximum treatment effectiveness, reducing active blemishes, and improving the quality of oily skin that contains blemishes due to acne. 

Treatment in clinic – this treatment includes a dual correction component.

  • Application of the pre-peel allows the skin’s most superficial layers to be removed, unclogs the pores, and maximises the effects of the next steps in the Blemiderm process. 
  • Next the Blemiderm mask is applied, which contains an exclusive encapsulation complex that regulates, corrects and restores the quality of blemished skin.

Home treatment

  • Start home care after the first session at the clinic.
  • Recommended to continue for up to 3 months.
  • Purifying mousse maximises the level of hygiene in oily skin that are prone to acne. Apply morning and night to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Blemiderm treatment is an intensive home treatment that visibly corrects and reduces blemishes caused by acne. Apply morning and night. Restart usage 24-48 hours after your in-clinic treatments. 


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