Skin rejuvenation peels are a perfect way to restore your skins natural glow. They are designed to achieve accelerated, controlled skin regeneration by removing outer layers of skin to stimulate collagen & elastin production resulting in a youthful refreshed appearance.

Benefits can include

  • Improving fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of ageing skin
  • Hydrating and improving skin texture
  • Reduce skin imperfections and lightening hyperpigmentation (dark marks)
  • Improving acne and appearance of scars

Chemical peels are perfect as a stand-alone treatment, but can be used in conjuction with other treatments such as wrinkle reducing toxin injections, microneedling or skin booster injections to maximise results.

Types of Skin Rejuvenation Peels

Here at The Blackwell Clinic, we have partnered with Mesoestetic to offer a range of peels to provide a bespoke service to our customers. Our chemical peel range includes, Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and Mandelic acids & TCA peels, as well as range of combination peels aimed at specific skin concerns. We have designed peel regimes that target specific skin concerns such as ageing skin, acne & oily skin as well as imperfections and pigmentation concerns (dark marks on the skin) to optimise results.

At The Blackwell Clinic we are also excited offer the latest generation state-of-the-art professional peels from Mesoestetic.

Acnelan (Doctor only Peels) 3 Treatment sessions – Acne Peel

Mesoeclat Peel 5 Treatment sessions plus a pre peel – Fantastic all round Anti Ageing peel, improves skin imperfections and evens skin tone

Global eyecon (Doctor only)6 Treatment sessionsmicroneedling & chemical peel – improve dark circles, eye bags and fine lines

Cosmelan -Specialist peel to improve deep pigmentation marks on the face and melasma

Dermamelan (Doctor only Peels) -Stronger doctor only specialist peel to improve deep pigmentation marks on the face and melasma

Chemical Peels start from £99

Start your journey towards beautiful rejuvenated radiant skin by creating a bespoke treatment plan with one of our Aesthetic Doctors at THE BLACKWELL CLINIC


Chemical Peels

Achieve a youthful rejuvenated refreshed appearence by removing the outer layer of skin with the application of different acid treatments.




Variable depending on the type and strength of acid

Recommended treatment course

4 -6 peels every 2 weeks but depends on peel and regime


Can be maximised with pre and post home care treatments

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