Cosmelan® is a world leading treatment for pigmentation, dark marks and melasma, with over 1 million patient treatments. It is a depigmenting method with an intensive corrective effect that regulates overproduction of melanin,
inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots. It has a dual corrective and controlling action, achieving short and
long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation under control.

The Cosmelan® method consists of four phases which are necessary to achieve the target result. Intensive depigmentation in phase 1 and treatment for home use in phases 2, 3 and 4. The total duration of treatment is about 6 months, that can change based on the severity of the case.

The method comprises 4 treatment phases, and its full compliance ensures excellent results for patients.

The price of Cosmelan is £999 which includes Depigmentation skin kit, one month of home treatment. Preparatory peel, Cosmelan peel and a virtual appointment 3 days after the peel and a review appointment one month after the peel

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Cosmelan Method – At a glance for client

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