Dull, Dry & Dehydrated Skin

Dry skin is more common as we age due to a variety of reasons, such as the reduced production of natural oils, sun damage, and decreased cell renewal. Dry skin can also be due to reduced Hyaluronic acid production which starts to occur after your mid 20s. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance in the skin which is key to skin hydration due to its unique ability to retain water, it can also improve skin texture and suppleness. Improving skin hydration with cosmetic treatments and skincare products can leave your skin looking radiant.

Dull & lackluster skin can be caused by an excessive dead skin cell on the surface of the skin. Dull skin impacts on the skin ability to reflect light uniformly and leaves skin looking tired and listless. Cosmetic treatment and skincare products which help to remove this extra layer of dead skin can improve skin appearance, complexion and skin tone, leaving your skin with a luminescent glow. Chemical peels and exfoliants, microneedling and mesotherapy are ideal treatments for dull and lackluster skin.

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At The Blackwell Clinic our team of Aesthetic Doctors are at hand to create a bespoke treatment plans to meet your skin needs. During our consultations we explore your skin concerns and discuss our range of cosmetic treatments & skincare products to help create the right plan for you. Book an appointment today at The Blackwell Clinic and take one step closer to beautiful radiant skin.

Treatments to consider

Treatments to be considered for Dull, Dry & Dehydrated Skin. Click on link to be redirected to treatment page


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