Hair Regrowth & Hair Rejuvenation

Hair is one of the very few physical features which can be easily changed into a variety of styles, lengths and colours. Hair loss (alopecia) can affect both men and women and can encompasses a variety of disorders which can be permanent or temporary. Hair loss can have a significant impact on just about every aspect of a persons life.

Cosmetic treatments such as protein rich plasma, mesotherapy and microneedling can be used to rejuvenate hair by improving fragile, dry & lifeless hair by stimulating thicker hair fibres & encouraging hair regrowth. There is also scientific evidence that certain cosmetic treatments such as protein rich plasma can improve certain common non scarring alopecias (hair loss conditions) such as female and male pattern hair loss and alopecia areata.

Take a look below at the treatments to consider section and click on the different options to learn more about the range of treatments avaliable at The Blackwell Clinic.

At The Blackwell Clinic our team of Aesthetic Doctors are at hand to create a bespoke treatment plans to meet your hair needs. During our consultations we explore your hair concerns and discuss our range of cosmetic treatments to help create the right plan for you. Book an appointment today at The Blackwell Clinic and take one step closer to beautiful thick shiny hair.

Treatments to consider

Treatments to be considered for Hair regrowth & Hair Rejuvenation. Click on link to be redirected to treatment page

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