Fine Lines & Wrinkles


As we age so does our skin. Some of the signs of skin ageing include the loss of luminosity (glow), lines and wrinkles, dryness and change in texture as well as loss of volume and elasticity. From our mid 20s, the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid start to decline. So why are they important ? They are all key to skin ageing.

Collagen provides the skin with its bounce, firmness & youthful plumpness. Collagen provides firmness, structure and shape whereas elastin allows the skin to be flexible and bounce back to its original shape. Both collagen and elastin production decline as we age. This can lead to progressive lose of facial volume causing sagging or droop to the skin, also known as skin laxity. This is usually very noticeable in the mid portion of the face and the jawline. Fine lines and wrinkles are the result of skin laxity and years of repetitive movement and expression that leave their mark over time.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural subtance in the skin which has an important role in skin moisture and hydration. It has a unique ability to retain water, keeping the skin soft supple and hydrated.

Treating the signs of ageing by improving lines & wrinkle and giving the skin back its youthful plumpness and glow, enhancing your natural beauty and improving confidence. There are a variety of cosmetic treatment offered at The Blackwell Clinic which can help turn back the clock. Skincare products are also a great to use as a stand-alone product to improve the youthfulness skin or in combination with in-clinic treatments to optimise results.

Take a look below at the treatments to consider section and click on the different options to learn more about the range of treatments avaliable at The Blackwell Clinic.

At The Blackwell Clinic our team of aesthetic doctors are at hand to create a bespoke treatment plans to meet your skin needs. During our consultations we explore your skin concerns and discuss our range of cosmetic treatments & skincare products to help create the right plan for you. Book an appointment today at The Blackwell Clinic and take one step closer to beautiful radiant skin.

Treatments to consider

Treatments to be considered for Fine Lines & Wrinkles. Click on link to be redirected to treatment page


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