The passage of time causes the appearance of our lips to change, resulting in volume loss, dryness and dehydrated lips as well as depleted lip shape with less definition. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected into the lips to hydrate, revitalise and, if desired, add and volume and definition. Emphasis is placed on a subtle balance, restoring and enhancing your natural beauty, to ensure you feel empowered to become the best version of you.

At The Blackwell Clinic our preferred Hyaluronic acid fillers are Juvederm ®  Ultra and Vycross range.

What to expect?

The lips are numbed with a cream anaesthetic. The Hyaluronic acid fillers is then injected using an ultrafine needle to reduce risks of bruising and swelling. You will see instant results meaning we can add a little more here and there if required, each client will leave feeling like their looks have been enhanced. Hyaluronic acid fillers are temporary and will breakdown in the body naturally over time. Juvederm Hyaluronic acid fillers typically last 6-24 months.

Prices start from £250

Start your journey towards beautiful rejuvenated radiant skin by creating a bespoke treatment plan with one of our Aesthetic Doctors at THE BLACKWELL CLINIC.

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Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to hydrate and revitalise lips, enhancing their contours, adding volume and redefining shape.




Little to none, there may be bruising & swelling post proceedure

Recommended regime

Tailored to patient need and dependent on product chosen.


up to 18 months depending on product

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