Skin renews monthly but this slows down as we age. The deceleration of this process can lead to dull skin, blemishes, wrinkles and dilated pores. 

Skin rejuvenation peels aka Chemical peels contain exfoliating agents to remove outer layers of skin to improve it appearance by show casing your new youthful shin underneath. 

The TYPE of peel and it’s CONCENTRATION will depend on issues you want to treat.

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Is a peel which is great for removing superficial outer layer of dead skin and unwanted pigmentation, dark marks and skin imperfections.

Its unique formula combines Azelaic acid, Resorcinol, Phytic and tranexamic acid and can help to fade hyperpigmentation and accelerate skin renewal. Leaving you with beautiful luminous skin and a more even complexion.

This product has been formulated to be universal so is safe to use on all skin tones and suitable to treat the face and body .

The treatment takes 30-45 mins and includes a post treatment Hyaluronic acid mask. After treatment, some mild flaking can be expected but there is no downtime!

For the best results a course of 4-6 sessions are recommended.

Start your journey towards clearer, brighter, smoother, radiant and refreshed skin! 

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