Whether your week begins or ends with Sunday, let The Blackwell Clinic have the pleasure of sharing one of our stocked products with you each Sunday. 

As our feature focus this May is on Masks and Peels let us introduce you to the PURE RENEWING MASK from Mesoestetic. 

This luxurious granular creamy clay mask is an intensive exfoliating purifying mask which has proven its targeting powers for oily and acne prone skin. Packed with active ingredients, it works by exfoliating and unclogging blocked pores

The mattifying action of the white clay is due to its ultra absorbent particles with removes excess oils and glare from the skin surface. The biodegradable exfoliating particles within the clay help to cleanse deep within the pores. 

The combination of salicylic and mandelic acid have a synergistic powerful antibacterial potent punch to target bacterial proliferation. As well aids cell turnover for that youth skin regeneration that we all crave. 

The UrbanD-tox is a biotechnological ingredient derived from plants that removes the particles that form free radicals which prematurely age the skin. 

This mask is great for anyone with normal or combination skin, problems with pores, skin imperfections or acne.

Use twice a week and apply a large layer of the mask over previously clean skin. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. Once dry, remove with water, massaging the exfoliating particles, concentrating in T zone.

So pamper yourself and buy a Pure Renewing Mask for that feeling of fresh, clean, luminous & imperfection-free skin.

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